OCAC Board of Directors

This is a great time to introduce and tell you a little bit about your 2019 Oklahoma Crappie Anglers Club Board of Directors.

President – Robert Carlile

Robert Carlile is from Pryor, Oklahoma and calls Ft Gibson lake his home. He fishes all over the country participating in Crappie Masters, ACT, and CAT tournaments. He is married to Tina and has a 10-yr. old girl, who both miss and support him as he travels the country.  Robert believes in building the crappie fishing community, in any way he can. Being that he is 50 years old, technology can be a strain for him, but he tries to stay involved in social media.  But don’t be surprised if he just comes up to you at a local lake and just starts talking crappie. He believes relationships are the key to developing the sport.

Robert’s Contact Information:
Phone Number:  918-553-0134
email address:


Vice President – Kevin DeLong

Kevin DeLong is from Hominy, Oklahoma.  Kevin calls Kaw his home lake, but he also fishes Skiatook and Keystone a lot too. Kevin is married to Patty and they have 3 children, all married and now have 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.  He loves to hunt and fish during his free time.

email address:


Past President – Richard Ingram

Richard Ingram is from Salina, Oklahoma.  Richard is married to Regina and have three beautiful children.  Two have graduated from OSU & his youngest is now attending NSU.  His home lake would be a 3-way tie between Hudson Lake (on which he lives), Eucha and Ft. Gibson.  In 2017, Richard “got serious” about Crappie Fishing!  We are sure he is a Cowboys fan!

email address:


Director – Joey Johnson

Joey Johnson is from Sand Springs, Oklahoma.  Joey is married to Joni and their son is named Jaden.  He is a full-time photography instructor and is also a freelance photographer, part time.  His home lakes are Grand, Skiatook and Keystone.  Be sure to notice some of his awesome pictures during the Tournament Trail!

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Director – David Riggs

David Riggs is from Owasso, Oklahoma.  David’s home Lake would probably be designated to Skiatook, but spends a lot of time on Kaw and now Keystone.  He has been married to Melissa for 16 years and they have two daughters, Autumn, 15 and Audrey, 12.  David loves the Oklahoma Sooners and enjoys working outside when he is not fishing or hunting.

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