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Are there really regulations or laws on fishing docks from your boat?

I recently heard an interesting story from one of our members regarding fishing GRDA or Corp of Engineer boat docks from your boat. I looked on the internet for Oklahoma laws regarding fishing ‘private’ boat docks by boat. I did not find anything that left me really knowing what the true answer is. The next step was, I called a local Game Warden and the Oklahoma Lake Patrol Marine office. Now, please note, I have nothing in writing just the opinions of the two officers. They both stated GRDA lakes and Corp of Engineers Lakes have different situations involving docks, the Corp docks are leased and the GRDA docks can truly be a “private” dock. Does this mean you can fish them or not? Well, both officers advised this is a really grey area and they have never actually written a ticket for someone fishing a dock or slip from a boat. Now, let’s not confuse this for getting off your boat and jumping on a dock, that could very well be trespassing. If you are fishing in navigational water in open domain, you are allowed to fish around the docks. Many dock owners will have signs that have a “boundary” of say 50 feet. Is this enforceable? Not really. As an angler, we feel it’s our waters. But, for a minute, think of the dock owner’s perspective when some anglers, the “few who ruin it for many”, are disrespectful and flinging a spinnerbait bouncing off beautiful boats and potential damaging the boats chipping fiberglass or damaging interior. This does happen. You can be charged with vandalism if this did actually occur. Most likely a bass fisherman and not a crappie fisherman?. So, we are advised to simply understand their perspective but sometimes a raging attitude isn’t going to sit well. In summary, I guess it is encouraging my sources have never heard of an actual citation from fishing too close to a dock from a boat. They did encourage us to think of both sides and try your best to respect the invisible line if posted.


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