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Boating Safety

While fishing can be fun and enjoyable, it can also be dangerous and expensive. I have fished my entire life on Oologah Lake and have been boating on it since I was 16 years old (28 years). A couple of friends and I were out fun fishing back in November and were focusing on the north end of the lake. I wasn’t having any luck, so I decided to head to the south end to look around and ended up in Spencer Creek. We finished the day pretty strong and just before dusk, we decided to head in so I fired up and went north, watching my graph and staying on a trail I had been on at least 50 times. Running about 60 MPH, I ran over what I later found out to be an old house foundation and ripped the lower unit almost completely off the boat. I was lucky enough not to be ejected (water temp was 42) and I called my buddy and asked them to wait on me at the ramp to make sure I could troll all the way in. As I was trolling, I had plenty of time to reflect on how lucky I was and thankful I didn’t have my 2
young boys in the boat with me when this occurred. Ended up being a total loss for my boat and thankfully I had boat insurance (another good idea) so all is well now. My point is — if it’s a brand-new lake or one you think you know better than anyone, be careful! Wear your PFD and pay attention to the depth of water you are in. I found out later that the lake was almost a foot below normal and that 12” cost a lot of money!

Tight lines,

Josh Jackson

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