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February Fishing Report

As we work to spring time I sit here on Skiatook like in mid February fishing the deeper channel for Crappie. The past two days we have worked from 18 to 30 foot of water in an along the creek channel up around Hominy Creek. The fish have been suspended in anywhere from 6 to 14 feet of water mainly catching them out roaming. Water temps have been in the 40 to 42° range as fish hang out at the mouth of these creeks and they’re going to start working their way up the creek towards the shallows and get ready to spawn. Even with water temps currently in the low 40s the fish will continue over the next month to work up the channels into the back of the creeks. We have mainly been catching our fish on hand tied hair jigs in 16th ounce with a couple split shots up above the jig and also an 1/8 ounce Probuilt jig head with a Bobby Garland 2 inch slab slayer in monkey milk and chartreuse. This same pattern worked on Grand lake when we fished there last weekend and will continue to work over the next
3 to 5 weeks. Definitely don’t rule out any standing timber on lakes you fish and check the brush piles as they are loaded and work for those fish at the top of the brush pile. Feel free to check out my Facebook page Joey Johnson crappie fishing where I recently posted an hour and a half live video fishing this channel as you can see live scope and what we fish for. Until the next time good luck and be safe.

Joey Johnson

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