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High Water Adventures

I cannot believe that summer is already here and the lake levels are still at these crazy levels.  With the recent boat ramp closures, I have seen many of our members putting extra miles on their trucks and traveling to new lakes where they can simply put their boats in new water with some great success.  Many have been launching their boats at their favorite lakes in parking lots as long as the gates are open.  It has been a crazy summer no doubt!  I for one have been traveling to more spillway lakes and creeks in the navigational channel.  Many of my buddies seem down and out with the recent flood waters.  As there are many things to be depressed about during this historical event such as closed boat ramps and campgrounds with means lack of access, washed out roads, erosion of creeks and banks, muddy water and in some cases, the loss of fish.  The timing of the spawn during this ordeal is also of a big concern, but with the high waters staying high for this long period of time, the effect is variable and a encouraging thought is that as the flood water generally goes into large amounts of vegetation and wooded structures to provide for habitat for the spawn to continue, and with the continued high waters, the risk of the water receding to dry the hatch most likely did not occur.  Hopefully this is good news.   All we can really do is wait and see the true effects of this event as time will tell and will surely vary from lake to lake.  One thing is for sure, from a personal standpoint, my grass seems trimmed more consistently and the honey do’s have been completed in a timelier manner!

David Riggs
Board Member
Oklahoma Crappie Anglers Club

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