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Product Spotlight: Todd Huckabee Rods with Ken Roberson


“Todd, who’s going to supply your rods now?” 


That question that propelled me into the rod business.  After Todd Huckabee parted ways with Quantum, there was no one to bring his signature series rods to market.  With his contacts in the crappie industry, Todd was able to hook me up with a manufacturer who supplied rods for the first two years. Since then, I’ve used a factory that makes great quality rods with a faster order cycle.

Todd’s rods are designed with stiff backbone and sensitive tip.  Through the years we’ve created new rods by modifying existing blanks.  The 10’7” Pro Series started as an 11’ Pulling rod but took 5” off the tip end, making it a little stiffer.  The new 10’6” Elite is from the same 11’ blank with 6” reduced from the handle end, giving it softer tip action.  It comes with steel guides for braid users and ceramic for mono.  Barry Morrow was instrumental in designing both the Pro Series and Elite models.

First generation 12’ Slab Swinger proved it could handle swinging in giant crappie but felt a little heavy.  Today’s Slab Swingers are lighter while retaining a powerful spine.  Next shipment may arrive mid-late April.

Two master dock shooters from Georgia, Joe Partenza and Richard Malcom, designed the new 5 ½’ Crappie Ninja and 6’ Six Shooter.  Both are one-piece rods.

Recent design changes include: fixed reel seats on the 7’ Dingo and 10’ Dipping Stick; plus stainless steel tip end guide on all rods.

My biggest thrill from being in the rod business is seeing slabs being swung in boats with Todd Huckabee rods.  I appreciate the confidence rod users have that we will supply the best vertical jigging rods possible.

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