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Scrolling announcement

Hugo lake tournament Is Officially cancelled due to the Corp of Engineers pulling our permit.

The Corp of engineers just called and cancelled all permits with gatherings of over 6 people until May 11th.  We of course fall into this category.  At that  all we can do is wait and see but I expect them to pull the permit for Eufaula on April 4th and Grand  on May 9th also. The Ranger advised that the lake and boat ramps will still be open at this point. He also mentioned that this order came directly from Washington DC and that the local field office is just following orders.


Sorry for the trouble and be sure to follow the website blog or Facebook for further updates.






The tournament this weekend will proceed with the following guidelines in effect. These are for everyone’s safety and well-being. It will be inconvenient for all in some ways so please bear with us in this unprecedented time but please read the entire set of guidelines and come prepared to follow them. Your help will make this tournament a success. Registration will start at 6 am. Be sure to check the website or Facebook for any further announcements Friday night but at this point the only hiccup may be with the Corp of Engineers closing the lake.

  1. That the tournament proceeds as scheduled with the following guidelines.

  2. The registration will be done with only 1 team member and while maintaining a a 6ft distance as recommended by the CDC. This means that if we observe anyone crowding the registration table with staff that it is our obligation to remove ourselves from the problem until such time that each team representative follows the guidelines.
    Hand sanitizer will be supplied at the table and it is recommended to be used both by the staff and the participants.

  3. Live well check will be done while minimizing contact and maintaining the 6ft rule. It is the anglers responsibility to have the live wells,coolers and bait buckets open for inspection.

  4. There will be a printed copy of the rules meeting and any additional information made available to the teams and the mandatory meeting will be waived. However all teams must remain in the parking lot until they are released by the tournament director to go to their fishing spots. The boats can be launched prior to this release time as long as the live well check has been completed.
    Fishing will commence 1 hr after the release time designated by the tournament director.

  5. The stop fishing time will be 7 hours after the start and will be clearly defined that morning

  6. The weigh in will happen as follows:

A. Teams return to the weigh in spot and prepare their fish for inspection by placing them in their cooler or weigh bag.

B. One team member presents their team check in card while the other team member remains at the boat with the fish. The check in official will go to the boat and check fish while maintaining the recommended 6ft rule.

C. Once all teams have checked in the weigh in will begin with the weigh master calling the teams up in order as they arrived. The weigh in will be conducted with 1 team member present and then that team member will return to their boat with their fish. This will be repeated until all teams have weighed in.

D. The fish can be returned to the water if they are in good shape but due to the stress we are placing on them with the prolonged weigh in we recommend removing them from the lake.

E. The winning teams will be notified and they will come claim their prizes again while observing social distancing.

F. The results will be posted on Facebook that night for all others to see.

We recognize that this is an inconvenience and ask for the anglers cooperation in making this happen.

It should not have to be said but because of due diligence we will say this. If you are feeling sick do not come, the responsibility lies with each participant, and if we as directors feel your sick we will ask you to leave and any fees paid will not be refunded.

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