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May Letter from the President

Spring is upon us and going by the old adage of the best time to crappie fish is when the dogwood trees bloom, then it’s time to be fishing. I personally don’t like fishing during the spawn, to me it’s one of the most unpredictable times of the year. You will find the crappie in shallow water and in deep water all in the same day. It can really be frustrating, but it can be really rewarding also.

Typical patterns dictate the males will be tending the nest in shallow water while the females are staging/suspended at about the same depth but in deeper water.  So, if you find the males nesting in 3 ft of water than put a cork and your favorite bait on and fish 3 ft deep in 6-10 ft of water just beyond the nests. Or get your dipping pole and dip almost anything around and in brush, stumps and rocks and you will experience one of the most aggressive thumps of the year, but you better be on your toes as the males are attacking things invading their turf more than they are feeding. Any way you choose to fish, just be sure to get out and fish.

Robert Carlile
Oklahoma Crappie Anglers Club

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