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Note from the Newsletter Editor

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is David Riggs. I am very honored to be a Board Member of this great new Oklahoma Crappie Anglers Club.  Part of my responsibilities will be creating OCAC Newsletters to help grow and encourage Crappie fishing in Oklahoma. For this first newsletter, I would like to discuss some of the support we will need from our members to help this newsletter serve its purpose, and again, to help grow the Club, increase our Tournament participation, and most importantly, grow our sport and share the experiences with Oklahoman’s who love crappie fishing.  Along the way, we need your input.  We want your feedback on how to grow this Club, make it better. This is a wide range request that every member will have something they can share; from fishing reports, techniques, equipment/products, experiences, charity, etc.  Throughout the newsletters, we will feature Products, Fishermen/Fisherwomen/Young Anglers, Guides, lake fishing reports, charitable events, tournament results, featured stories and many more topics throughout the year. Our Club President, Board and members all have high expectations for this to be Oklahoma’s premier Crappie Club, but we cannot achieve our goals without your support.  With all this said, please feel free to contact me any time with information to support your Newsletter.  My email address is  We look forward to your participation in growing this Club.  Thanks.

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