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** Oklahoma Crappie Masters and OCAC: “What does this mean?”

OCAC Tournaments will coincide with the new Oklahoma Crappie Masters Tournament Trail. This means, every team will have an opportunity to fish one or the other, or both, with the opportunity to win multiple funds. In order to fish both tournaments, each team must have paid separate membership dues and entry fees. Crappie Masters does not allow for three anglers in the boat, whereas OCAC allows for a third angler if they meet the age requirement, which is 15 and under.

If a team fishes both the OCAC and Crappie Masters on same day, your seven fish limit applies to both weigh ins.

Specific rules and regulations for both the OCAC and Oklahoma Crappie Masters Tournament Trail are available on 

Note: With a Crappie Masters membership, there is a 15% discount on SELECT items at BassPro Shops. Example: Guns and Electronics do not apply. Ask your local Bass pro for specific discounts.

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