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Prop Changes

If you are expecting an educational lesson on props, this blog is not for you. I wanted to share my recent experience and frustrations I am still having with getting the right prop. One quick tip for advice, understand what prop you have and don’t chunk your old one in the lake after you buy a “replacement”. I know I should invest in a stainless-steel prop, but I never did. I destroyed my prop, simply called and ordered a new one, installed and chunked my old one before I even test drove with the new prop. Well…this has been a disaster because, apparently… I did not get the same prop I removed. In my experience, it is pretty complicated to start from scratch when you have an aluminum boat such as mine. I have been fortunate enough to work with a boat shop that is working with me, but I still can’t hit the sweet spot. I have lost about 8 mph and I do not have an RPM gauge, apparently this is a key element in understanding the right pitch and diameter. I have talked with several other anglers and to my surprise, many of them have had the same frustration. So, if you have any advice, I welcome it.

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