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Tournament Rule Changes

As of April 1st 2019 the BOD has implemented a couple of rule changes, they are as follows:

24. All live fish that are weighed must be returned to the water as soon as the teams weigh in is completed.

We feel as a club we should promote the longevity of the sport of tournament angling by making an effort to release the tournament fish we catch.  No, we aren’t trying to say you shouldn’t be keeping a mess of fish, instead we are making an ethical decision to release the largest fish taken during the tournament. For instance, at the March tournament on Eufaula we had 154 fish weighed in with multiple fish over 2# and the average weight for the day being 1.33#.  These represent the largest fish that the anglers were able to catch all day, and if removed from the population are certainly fish that cant be caught again.  There are other factors to consider also, the largest fish usually are genetically better brood stock and the larger fish have the potential to carry more eggs that can hatch to produce more crappie.

36. There are 2 divisions, and each will be scored separately and have separate paybacks. They are as follows:
Open Division: No further restrictions on equipment.

Traditional Division: Restricts the use of Real Time Sonar, I.e. LiveScope/ LiveSight. No angler may have the capability of using such devices at any time during the tournament. Specifically, they either cannot be installed or if installed must be physically made inoperable by removing at least one component from the boat. Any team found in violation of this rule will not be allowed to weigh in.

There is no do doubt that electronics is changing the world of fishing but there is a steep financial cost involved. We as a club feel that promoting the sport to all anglers and as such feel that the ability to come fish a tournament without “feeling like you are donating to those with the technology”.  We therefore are offering 2 divisions, they will each be paid back separately and there will be a separate points series for each.  So as you sign up for the tournaments in the future there will be one more box to check.

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